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🍹 Your website about GIN is a website about gin where we try to provide the visitor with truthful, useful and quality information about the best brands of gin, types and classes. In addition, we specialize in premium gins, trying to offer reviews of the best products online.

Premium gin brands and accessories

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The secret of gin is in the combination of herbs used in its distillation to aromatize it and flavor it. The best brands of gin keep their formulas jealously.

Premium Gins by Country

Gin is a drink consumed in every corner of the world. Today almost all countries make and produce this spirit drink. On this website specialized in gin we show you some of the best premium gins online in Spain and other countries of the world.

Spanish gins

Types of gin

Gin is a grain distillate (usually wheat or rye), which is infused or rectified with juniper berries and flavoured with botanicals such as cardamom, cassia bark, lily or orange peel.

The types of gin are sorted according to their form of production. Most are dried gins because in their distillation process the sugar is separated by staying in the filters.

According to European Union regulations

  • Spirits flavoured with enebro
  • Gin
  • Distilled gin
  • London Gin

Classification of gin according to its botanical base

  • Classic
  • Citrus
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Spicy
  • Fruity or fruity
botanicals of gin
Gin botanicals you can buy for your gin and tonics

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Origin of gin

The origin of this alcoholic beverage is generally associated with England and, more specifically, London. The two most famous and best-selling methods of gin making in the world areLondon dry gin” and “London gin”; which leads to the thought that this alcoholic beverage originates in London.

Nothing further from reality, since gin as we know it today emerged at the hands of an anatomist and scientific physician, Franciscus Sylvius de la Boe who prepared the drink and mixed it with local strawberries to use as a diuretic for his patients back in the Netherlands in the 17th century.

franciscus Sylvius the creator of gin
Franciscus Sylvius, the creator of gin

It is true, however, that much earlier (in the eleventh century) some Italian monks made distilled “raw” alcohols with juniper berries but this drink does not really correspond to the concept of aromatic spirit drink created from numerous botanicals by which we understand gin.

Health benefits of Gin

Gin began to be made by chemicals not for the enjoyment of the consumer,but as a medicinal remedy to treat various health problems such as stomach, kidney, gout and gallstones being the digestive properties that today are mostly recognized.

But interestingly the health benefits of drinking gin don’t end there. This drink also helps in the processes of flus and colds thanks to its antiseptic and antispasmodic properties.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the relaxing and toning effect, thanks to the potassium compounds of juniper berries that can also promote the elimination of toxins.

However, it should be remembered that we are talking about a drink with high graduation alcohol and from this website specialized in gin we want to remind you that we must be moderate in its consumption.

Making gin

Chemically the composition of The Geneva is obtained from a part of malt that is then fermented with low-graduate alcohol, then the distillation process is performed and the content is mixed with flavorings.

Fermentation is the first step in the production of gin

Most gins are made with alcohol from cereals. However, the process cannot be done directly. Because if cereals are soaked in water for several days, they will rot. They are also not usually fermented directly because they store their sugars in the form of starches, so a process of malting the cereal must be done. Once the cereal malt is obtained, the sugars must be extracted and yeasts added to transform the sugar into alcohol.

Fermentation of the wort

When the yeasts are added, the cereal must is fermented, obtaining a liquid similar to beer.

Distillation, second step in the production of gin

This species of beer already has a percentage of alcohol, but it is mixed between the water and the other substances, so it must proceed to distillation and thus separate the alcohol from the water.

For this distillation heat is applied to the fermented liquid until it reaches 78.2 ºC and this the alcohol begins to evaporate. This vapour will be pure alcohol that, when cooled and condensed, will generate an alcohol of high purity in liquid form.

The number of distillations for the production of gin

A second distillation and several filtrates were likely to be carried out to increase the purity of the alcohol.

The aromatization of alcohol, third step in the production of gin

Now that we have a neutral alcohol with a concentration of 75-80% volume, we can start making gin by enebro and other aromatic ingredients.

Maceration and infusion of alcohol

Method consisting of impregnating by rest, the base alcohol with the selected aromas.

A second distillation

After a first distillation, the flavored base is distilled again. After this second distillation, we will have a transparent gin of very high alcohol content, between 70 and 80% volume.

gin factory
Gin distillery

Gin graduation

The bottled mixture must finally have a minimum graduation of 37.5degrees in order to market the gin with this name in the European Union.

About Gin: drinking habits

Although it was not an alcoholic beverage suitable for all tastes due to its bitter and dry taste, the appearance of gin and whitening changed consumption habits by making gin the trendy drink in Spain. In fact, it has become the country with the largest supply of gins from all over the world. That’s how new brands of premium gins began to appear.

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Today this spirit drink is produced in more than 30 countries headed by Holland, Great Britain, France, the United States and Spain.

A curious case of drinking gin is in Philippines, with more than 40% of the total in the world.

There is no standard user in the consumption of this liquor but on this website specialized in gin, we can say that usually the usual consumer is a man or a woman between 25 and 50 years old who seeks a quality consumption and that adapts to his most specific preferences.

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