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Bombay Sapphire gin

Bombay Sapphire gin

Bombay Sapphire is a gin of great quality and is consecrated worldwide as one of the best premium brands of gin. It is produced at the brand’s own distillery, at Laverstoke Mill, west London, England, making it with a manufacturing process based on an original 1761 recipe.

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Allan Subin was the founder of Bombay Spirits Company. Let’s look at the analysis and opinions of this English gin.

Features of the Geneva Sapphire

There are several aspects that make this drink the delights of the most demanding palates and is the use of 10 botanicals that have been chosen and cared for by the botanical master Ivano Tonutti, but there is much more to know about this English gin.

Its aromas offer us hints of enebro, citrus and flowers. Here are its 10 ingredients:

  • Juniper berries from Italy, lemon peel from Spain, coriander originating in Morocco, Angelica root from Saxony, Orris root (iris) from Italy, West African Paradise Grains, Cubeba berries from the island of Java, Casia bark originating in Indochina, Spanish almonds and liquorice from China.

The bottle

Visually the drink comes contained in an elegant bottle of light blue glass like the sapphire that gives it its name. It has its smooth and flat sides, carrying a brand with the different botanicals. On the label is an engraving of Queen Victoria of England.

Tasting notes

On the nose it has citrus and fresh notes of lemon along with a marked enebro character and a slightly earthy background. In addition, a second layer is distinguished with a slightly sweet and delicate floral note.

In the mouth it has an unctuous and dense entrance that slowly covers the palate. Gradually lemon nuances appear with notes of spices, floral and slightly spicy. The enebro is very present in all phases with its most resinous and citrus notes.

The finish is long and focuses on the more citrus nuances of lemon, coriander and enebro.

gin bombay sapphire
The characteristic blue color of sapphire

Drinking Gin Bombay Sapphire

It is a distillate for those who do not allow themselves to be influenced by fashions and seek their Lifelong Gin Tonic; the simple, the one you don’t need quirky embellishments to enjoy yourself with a quality gin. However, although in principle it is a classic and spicy drink it is a multipurpose gin that we can use in many ways without losing its personality.

Gin Tonic de Sapphire


ALCOHOL: Sapphire




Vert 3 or 4 ice cubes in the glass to begin with. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water. We remember that abundant ice is one of the secrets to making a good combination of gin.

We cut two strips of lime skin. One of us will use it as a seasoning and ornament, and another we will squeeze it into the glass and pass it over t
he edge. It’s time to add Bombay’s combined 4 or 5 cl according to tastes.

Finally, pour slowly through a braided rod resting in the center of the cup, the tonic which of course must be very cold. Finally we let it rest for a minute and serve it.

Opinions and analysis of Bombay Sapphire gin

Bombay Sapphire gin was one of the pioneers in the Premium gin family and since its inception has become an icon and a reference.

It is a different gin, with personality and with a unique style and elegance. This makes it a drink not to be missed in the cellar of a good lover of the world of gin. If you want to have a classic gin and tonic that’s different from everything else, this is your gin.

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