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Brockmans gin

Brockmans gin

Brockmans is a handcrafted gin of English origin created by a group of friends and lovers of this drink who decided to start together a company where they could give way to creative ideas that break with conventional flavors. It is classified as a distilled gin, a category of gins more flexible in terms of the production process since it allows aromas to be added after distillation.

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It is made in England and we will see below its analysis and opinions.

Features of the Geneva Brockmans

Gin Brockmans is a premium drink that stands out for its intense floral aroma of blueberries, blackberries and citrus. These botanicals merge with others bringing complexity and softness to the final set.Below you will know the main ingredients of this English gin.

. Here are its 4 ingredients:

  • Coriander (coriander seed), bitter orange bark, coriander, and enebro.
  • Afterwards, red fruits, berries and berries are added, including raspberries and blackberries.

The bottle

The Brockmans bottle is a true gem that represents the brand’s passion for detail. The black and elegant packaging is already visually defined as different from the others.

The intense red flourish next to the shape of the glass make this bottle a delight for sight and touch.

gin brockmans
Details of the magnificent bottle

Tasting notes

Brockmans stands out for a marked floral aroma of blueberries, blackberries and citrus with a light spicy base.

Visually we find a clear and bright color liquid.

On the nose, fruity notes of blueberry, cassis, raspberry or blackberries predominate, as well as light citrus notes.

On the palate it has a soft and sweet mid palate. Subsequently the fruity notes appear with a citrus background and a slightly bitter point. Afterwards, the enebro and spices appear.

The finish is long and gives us the note of red fruit caramel.

How to take Brockmans gin

We are talking about a soft, fresh and floral gin that can be tasted without that dryness that most brands have. It can be enjoyed in gin tonic, with abundant ice and accompanied by red fruits, raspberries for example.

Below we propose a special Brockmans gin and ton recipe that will make you enjoy this magnificent distillate.

How to make a gin tonic


  • Raspberries
  • Tomka Bean (Warning: May have anticoagulant effect)
  • Tonica Q Tonic
  • 3-4 cl gin
  • Ice

ALCOHOL: Gin Brockmans

FORMATO: Quality glass ball cup


First we will fill the shaker with ice and remove with the help of the teaspoon. Then remove the excess water.

Secondly we deposit some raspberries inside the combination. They can be 4 or 5 according to tastes. Next, we will serve the gin from above to oxygenate the mixture and with the help of a teaspoon as a slide, we let the tonic slowly slip into the cup. In this way we prevent the bubble from breaking and keep the carbonic at its point.

Finally, we give the master point to the combination. We call a very small amount of tonka bean over the glass, but only in sufficient quantity to give it a little aroma.

Brockmans opinions and analysis

Brockmans is a gin that stands out for its softness and elegance. Its floral notes and red fruits and berries make it an ideal choice for those consumers who love strawberry gin but who can find here a not-so-sweet taste. He’s got a 40% alcohol graduation.

It is definitely a great premium gin that should be tried by every fan of this world. It’s different. Do you dare try it?

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