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Bulldog gin

Bulldog gin

We are talking about Bulldog gin and as its name suggests, we find a gin with character, resistant and weight among the best premium gins.

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It is a very refined gin made in London. Let’s look at your analysis and opinions.

Features of the Gin Bulldog

There are several aspects that make this drink the delights of the most demanding palates and is the use of unique botanicals such as poppy and dragon’s eye, but there is much more to know about this English gin.

Its aromas offer us hints of enebro, citrus and flowers. Here are its 12 ingredients:

  • Dragon’s Eye, Poppy, Lotus Leaves, Lemon, Almond, Cassia, Lavender, Florence Root, Liquorice, Angelica, Coriander and Enebro

The bottle

Visually it is a pass, something quite difficult to explain, the shape of the black bottle with a barbed necklace on the neck, perfectly rounded that allows to be grabbed from any angle and that allows an easy and stylish way to pour the contents into the glass, is simply to be appreciated and brings a unique style to this brand of gin.

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Tasting notes

Bulldog is a light gin but with a great peculiar aroma, it is as if you are in the Sahara desert and you can feel in the smell its warmth. A little musk smell like a panther lurking in its prey.

It’s so light you’ll have to take several sips to make sure it’s real. The gin is not typical brands of premium gins that start with an explosion, this liqueur enters as a sweet kiss, subtly, making its consumption a different experience.

bottle of Bulldog gin
Gin Tonic from Bulldog

Drinking Bulldog gin

We are talking about a perfect gin to combine with classic citrus and without major complications. It can be consumed by the hand of the beloved gin and tonic or through a more elaborate cocktail. Even and for the more purists you can taste it alone with a little ice and a piece of lime.

Gin Tonic from Bulldog






Vert 3 or 4 ice cubes in the glass to begin with. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water. Add the bark of the file.
It’s time to add 4 or 5 cl of gin to the combined one tastes. Finally, pour the Pink Pepper tonic slowly that should be very cold. Served in this way intensifies the flavor of gin and botanicals.

Bulldog gin reviews and analysis

After years and trying other gins, Bulldog London Dry Gin has conquered the most demanding palates with its character and tradition. Awarded the highest score ever achieved by a gin in Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

In short, we are looking at a great drink, perfect to combine with tonics or to drink it even alone, in a wide and low glass with a simple slice of lime. And this gin… Bites. Do you dare try it?

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