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Do you want to know the different glasses and cocktail glasses used for the preparation of a Gin Tonic or a cocktail? In this section you will find a sample of the different types that are there to prepare cocktails and gin and tonics professionally.

You have to know that every cocktail has its glass. We will see that the vast majority of mixtures, if they are drinks, are served in the classic cocktail glass and, if they are long in the tumbler or collins glasses. But there are many more. Here are some of the most used:

Gin Tonic and Cocktail Cups

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Cocktail cup

Essential in this world of cocktails.

It is a glass of elegant design and that adapts very well to the hand.

It has a capacity of approximately 120 ml and having a wide mouth also allows to be decorated.

When presenting it, it should be taken by the pole.

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Glass of champagne or cava

Tulip type, elongated and narrow design, allowing to maintain the bubbles for longer, avoiding accelerated gas loss.

It has a capacity of about 150 ml.

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Type of saucer

The traditional glass to serve the champagne.

It’s an open glass, perfect for toasts and cocktails that contain a lot of crushed ice

It has a capacity of about 150 ml.

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Ball or balloon cup

Solid-looking glass with a wide edge to allow us to breathe well the wines or spirits that we put inside

It is very versatile and has a capacity between 250 to 300 ml.

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Flute Cup

It has a capacity of 180 ml and is also widely used to serve cava or champagne.

High and narrow prevents the rapid loss of gas contained in certain beverages.

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Liquor cup

It is the smallest cup, with a capacity of approximately 50 ml. It is used to serve exotic spirits, creams and spirits alone.

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Other glasses and cocktail glasses

Low cup or old fashioned

Cup for short drinks, 180 ml capacity.

Ideal for serving whiskey. You can’t miss it.

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Medium or tumbler cup

Also called highball.

It is one of the most used glasses in the service of the different cocktails.

Nor can it be missing as its usefulness is maximum.

It is very popular for serving rum, gin, whiskey and vodka.

It has a capacity between 240 ml, the medium size and 300 ml, the large size.

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High glass or collins

Also called zombie.

This Collins glass is indispensable for long drinks, the higher the better.

It is used to serve long and refreshing drinks.

It has a capacity of approximately 360 ml. Some designers narrow it slightly through the center.

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Other types of cocktail cups and glasses that are not used for cocktails the same but we thought it interesting to include are:

Pilsen cup

Conical in shape and with a capacity of about 300 ml is mainly used for beer.

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Beer jug

Container with handle, has a capacity of 360 ml.Used mainly to serve beer

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