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Looking for a cocktail set to become a real Bartender? In this section you will find the best cocktail bar tools to practice and prepare cocktails like a master.

More and more people decide to buy a cocktail kit to make their own cocktails at home and thus delight a couple or a gathering of friends.

Whether you have previous knowledge or starting out in this world, it is essential to choose a good cocktail set. In our catalog we show you some of the best we have found with the best value for money.

Cocktail Catalog

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Cocktail Sheker Bar Tools set

A cocktail kit should have some basic utensils with which to prepare the cocktail mixture. Some of these basic elements of the cocktail set are:

Ice tweezers

Wide for better ice grip

A shaker

Fundamental tool of a bartender. It consists of two glasses that fit together to mix and serve the drinks well shaken. It has a lid to prevent the ice from coming out when serving.

Mixing cup

It is usually a tall glass for combinations that do not need a shaker.

Spoon or cocktail rod

It is a long rod that is used for mixing. It can be smooth or braided being the latter ideal for soft drinks.


So that the ice and fruit do not fall into the glass at the time of pouring the liquid.


It helps us extract juice from the fruit or herbs in the cocktail glass itself.

Jigger or meter

It is used for beverages that require exact quantities or measurements. They are made of metal and shaped like an hourglass.

Blender or blender

To present sparkling and fruity cocktails.


Used especially for citrus.

Metal nozzle or pourer

It helps us dose the amount of liquid we see. With practice you can perform “by eye”.


It will help us to mondar the fruit and prepare the strips of citrus.

cocktail set
Stainless steel cocktail set

Choose the best Cocktail Set: Shopping Guide

We offer you a complete guide to buying a cocktail set. One of the aspects to consider is the material with which they are made. Those made of stainless steel usually have great performance and quality.

Another important aspect to choose the best kit to make cocktails is that they have all the utensils listed above so that we have the most complete equipment possible, since we may all need depending on the type of cocktail we are going to prepare.

Click on each product to see the characteristics of the set and the utensils it carries.You can also compare with each other to help you buy the best cocktail set or the one that best suits your tastes or needs.

Why buy a set or cocktail kit?

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We have a wide range of cocktail products so you can compare and analyze their reviews and buy the one that interests you the most.

Check our catalog and buy the best cocktail set adapted to your tastes and needs. Shipping is fast and safe.

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For enjoy your cocktails…

Ball cups, bowls, bottle coolers, corkscrews and posing glasses.

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