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How to give gin and choose the perfect gift gin

Have you thought about giving a good gin to a loved one but not sure if it’s a good idea or don’t know what kind of gin to give away to make the gift more “showy”?

Over time, gin has become an undisputed protagonist in the house’s drinks bar. Its enormous popularity among both young people and older people has made it an indispensable drink in family and friends meetings, and of course at Christmas.

In addition, the preparation of a Gin Tonic as well as everything around the world of cocktails has become a true art with adherents all over the world. And it is that…

Who can resist trying a good Gin Tonic if they are provided with the right cocktail utensils?


Here are some recommendations and give you ideas for giving away gin and cocktail bar tools.

Best gin to give away

To choose the best gin for gift we can first guide ourselves by the tastes of the person to which we are going to give the Gin. It will depend on what type of gin you like to consume, whether they are floral, citrus, botanical, etc. Here you can see the different types of gin out there.

And in case of doubt, or if you want the person to try a different gin you will always find premium gins perfect to give away.

Here are some ideal gins for gift.

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Give away a gin pack

Another good idea is to give away a gin pack since the effect is much more showy and also next to the bottle usually appears some cocktail utensil or glass that the gifted person can usually use. Here are some packs :

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Give away cocktail shakers bar tools

Who hasn’t ever been drunk when a bartender has prepared a cocktail or Gin Tonic for us on any terrace in our city?

Who hasn’t been visited at home or at a family reunion and wanted to start making cocktails like an authentic bartender?

For all this, giving away a cocktail kit or set or cocktail products of any kind is always a good idea as it can serve us as much as for the preparation of our cocktails as well as beautiful and sophisticated home décor product.

Here are some of the best cocktail bar tools:

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Why give away gin?

Giving gin shows originality even if you might think it’s a basic gift that doesn’t need attention. Nothing further from reality.

If we want to make a gift of gin or cocktails we must take into account the tastes of the person to which we want to give as it is something very personal.

We need to know the tastes of that person we want to surprise, what kind of gin he likes, if he usually consumes this alcoholic beverage with premium tonics and which botanicals he likes to combine.

Why give away products and cocktail bar tools?

It is very common among gin consumers and especially Gin tonic a taste to prepare their own cocktails either at home or meetings with friends. in this case a good idea to give away would be something related to cocktails.

There are many cocktail products to give away and with which we can prepare a Gin Tonic or any cocktail as if we were an authentic bartender. Some of these cocktail bar tools are: