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Gordon's gin

gordons gin

Gordon’s gin is one of the best known and most consumed gin in the world with Larios. Its history goes back more than two and a half centuries.

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It is a classic gin, London Dry Gin type. Gordon’s Gin’s recipe dates back to 1769, when a Scottish landowner named Alexander Gordon founded his distillery in south London.

Alexander called Gordon’s gin produced by Gordon’s London Dry Gin, and since then, London Dry Gin has been used as a name for a certain type of gin made in London city.

Let’s look at the analysis, reviews and opinions of this English gin.

Features of Gordon’s Gin

Alexander Gordon bet at the time of his creation by the mixture of pure distilled grain liquor and rich botanicals that gave him the popularity that he still boasts today.

Its aromas offer us a well-balanced blend of ingredients such as enebro, coriander or angelica.Although its formula remains secret in terms of the botanicals it uses, a few classic acquaintances can be highlighted. Here are its 9 ingredients:

  • Juniper berries, strawberries, citrus, coriander and angelica.

The bottle

Visually the drink is presented in a transparent and relatively square bottle of sober and austere appearance with a capacity of 70 cc. On the stopper is the stamp of a boar head from the coat of arms of the Gordon lineage. According to the story, a member of the Gordon clan saved the king of Scotland from the attack of a boar during a hunt and in honor of it incorporated it into his family shield.

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Tasting notes

Visually we observe a fine, clear and transparent liquid.

On the nose it evokes herbaceous aromas with notes of strawberries, citrus and spices.

In mouth, a dry and citrus flavor is intensified, and juniper berries are strongly perceived.

two bottles of gordons gin
Varieties of Gordon’s Lemon and Peach

Drinking Gordon’s Gin

It is a distillate for those who do not allow themselves to be influenced by fashions and seek their Lifelong Gin Tonic; the simple, without great boasts. However, although in principle it is a classic drink it is a multipurpose gin due to its citrus notes that we can use for both gintonics “to be at home” and for more elaborate cocktails.

Gin Tonic by Gordon’s


ALCOHOL Tonic: Gordon’s

ADEREZO Gin: Lemon Bark and Strawberry

Formato: Ball Cup


We will use as a container a wide glass ball cup that will help in the presentation of gin tonic.

Then pour 3 or 4 ice cubes into the glass to get started. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water. We remember that abundant ice is one of the secrets to making a good combination of gin.

It’s time to throw out the chosen botanists. In this case 1 strawberry split in half.. Add the lemon crust. To keep the tonic bubbles from being lost, never add the juice or pulp, as they disappear when the citric acid is joined with the carbonic anhydric.

It’s time to add 5 or 6 cl of gin to the combined

Finally, slowly pour the tonic using a braided rod resting in the center of the cup and tilted 45o, which of course must be very cold to highlight the botanicals and gin. Finally remove gently and let it rest for half a minute. We’ve got it ready!

Gordon’s gin reviews and analysis

Gordon’s is one of the best known brands in its segment in the Spanish market and has been a few years the best-selling gin. It is a drink made more for enjoyment than for experimentation.It is the perfect gin to start the weekend at night or enjoy a meeting with friends or family at home. Do you dare try it?

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