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Hendrick's gin

Hendricks gin

Hendrick‘s is a relatively new gin of Scottish origin distilled and bottled in Ayrshire, launched in 1999 and which made its appearance in Spain in 2006.

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For its manufacture Hendrick’s uses a Carter-Head still of its property built in 1948, of which there are four in the world.

They call it cucumber gin, an essential ingredient in its elaboration and which has given it its particular notoriety throughout the globe.

It is made in Scotland and we will see below its analysis and opinions.

Hendrick’s Gin features

Hendrick’s gin is a premium drink that stands out for its harmonious combination of enebro, coriando and citrus skins with new flavors such as cucumber and Bulgarian pink. The mixture in this sense is perfect and where neither of the botanicals stands out above the other thus achieving a peculiar balance that makes it a special gin. Below you will learn about the main ingredients of this premium Scottish gin.

These are its main botanicals:

  • Enebro, Coriander, orange, lemon, cumin, Angelica, Bulgarian Rose and Cucumber.

The bottle

The bottle is inspired by a Victorian-era apothecary, where remedies were jealously stored in dark or black bottles. This shape gives it a retro touch and very stylized. It bears two retro-style white labels that look like simple recipes for healing remedies.

The glass in the bottle is 45 percent recycled

hendricks gin
Hendrick’s and its ultimate retro style.

Tasting notes

In its tasting stand out the olfactory notes of enebro and citrus characteristic of this gin that combine in a balanced way with floral and herbal notes.

On the nose, the classic notes of enebro and citrus are accentuated along with floral and herbal notes.

On the palate it has a lake traveled. Its perfectly adequate alcoholic level allows to highlight its floral notes of pink along with citrus nuances similar to bitter orange.

In the end the enebro counterpoints the cucumber being of medium persistence. Spicy and earthy notes emerge along with floral notes.

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Drinking Hendrick’s gin

The perfect harmony between cucumber and Bulgarian Rose with the classic enebro and other citrus gives this distillate such a special and particular flavor that many experienced waiters remove the “sacred” lemon from Hendrick’s gin and tonic and trade it for cucumber.

Below is a special Hendrick’s gin and tonic recipe that will make you enjoy this magnificent distillate.

How to prepare a cucumber gin tonic


  • Cucumber
  • Tonica Q Tonic
  • 3-4 cl gin
  • Ice

ALCOHOL: Geneva Hendrick’s

FORMATO: Very wide-mouthed ball cup


First we will fill the shaker with ice and remove with the help of the teaspoon. Then remove the excess water.

Secondly, we will serve the gin from above to oxygenate the mixture.

Thirdly, we cut two thin slices of cucumber and pour them into the glass, letting them rest for a few seconds for the ice to ab
sorb the cucumber aroma. Then, with the help of a slide-like spoon, we let the tonic slowly slip into the cup. In this way we prevent the bubble from breaking and keep the carbonic at its point.

Finally, we let it rest for about a minute so that the ingredients start to fuse properly and… to enjoy! You already have a special gin and tonic with cucumber, modern and elegant.

Opinions and analysis of Hendrick’s

We definitely talk about a premium gin with a lot of personality, different and daring. Famous, real or fictional characters who drink this gin drink include: the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, James Bond or the writer Oscar Wilde.

In addition, the possibility of enjoying it with cucumber offers us the opportunity to drink something different and with a marked personal seal. He’s got a 44% alcohol graduation. Do you dare try it?

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