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The London No1 gin

The London No1 gin

The London Gin No1 is a London gin that, although it has recently appeared, regains the aroma and essence of 17th-century England, when London was the centre of world trade and where herbs and spices were found coming from all over the world.

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It is a premium gin made from the distillation of pure grains from the English countryside and produced in small batches due to the quality of the raw materials that are used and by the artisanal production process. Let’s look at the analysis and opinions of this English gin.

The London No1 features

There are several aspects that make this drink the delights of the most demanding palates and is the use of unique botanicals such as poppy and dragon’s eye, but there is much more to know about this English gin.

This drink shows balance, elegance and a unique look in its color, a characteristic and beautiful turquoise. Its distillation process is known as pot still because traditional copper stills of a small size are used in order to achieve more thorough distillations.

The botanicals used come from many corners of the Earth and that give this gin a unique and special character. Here are its ingredients:

  • juniper berries from the Dalmatia Mountains (Croatia), Chinese cassia, Ceylon cinnamon, lemon and orange peels and Italian lily root, angelica root and chilican (France), Greek almonds, Bergamots from Bergamo (Italy), Coriander from Morocco and finally Turkish liquorice

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The bottle

Visually, the bottle is decorated with a seal that makes clear its London origin with the Tower Bridge as a shield. Its shape is round and flat and the glass is smooth and crystalline to show the beautiful and characteristic turquoise blue color of the liquid.

Tasting notes

Visually it has bright and transparent turquoise blue.

On the nose it is fine and elegant and spicy notes emerge and balsamic herbs, enebro and truffle.

On the palate it is mellow and soft and delicate in mid palate.

The finish is long and refreshing and spicy. It’s certainly sophisticated.

Gin The London
All the London essense

Drinking The London No1 gin

We’re talking about a perfect gin to combine. It is ideal for drinking with tonic or other classic cocktails. Even and for the more purists you can taste it alone with a little ice and a piece of lemon or grapefruit.

Gin Tonic from London

  • 20 cl. Nordic Mist Blue tonic
  • 1 vanilla pod.
  • Lemon Twist.
  • 4-5 cl. gin The London No1.
  • 5-7 industrial ice cubes


Vert the ice cubes in the glass to begin with. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water.

Then add the vanilla pod and lemon twist. It’s time to add 4 or 5 cl of gin to the combination according t

o tastes. Finally, slowly pour the tonic that should be very cold. Served in this way intensifies the flavor of gin and botanicals.

Opinions and analysis of The London gin

This London gin is unique in both turquoise and its soft, fine and refreshing flavor.

It is a sophisticated drink with personality. London Style lovers should try this special brand both for its careful detailed controlled distillation process and for the quality of its ingredients.Do you dare to try it?

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