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Martin Miller's gin

Martin Millers gin

Martin Miller’s gin is a premium brand made in England very popular although its history was born just over twenty years ago. Among the most popular are:

  • Basic: Martin Miller’s Classic
  • Premium: Martin Miller’s Westbourne
  • Reserve: Martin Miller’s Gin Moons Reserve – 350ml

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Any bar in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. Martin Miller, along with two of his friends, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh give a good account of some gin and tonics. The poor quality of the combinations makes these three friends consider creating their own gin.

A traditionally distilled gin, with carefully selected botanicals of the best quality, regardless of the cost or time spent.

After seven attempts to find a distillate that meets their expectations, that is how in 1999 Martin Miller’s gin was born.

Let’s look at the analysis, reviews and opinions of this English gin.

Features and analysis of Martin Miller’s gin

Martin Miller’s is currently distilled in the center of the English Black Country, using a still created by John Dore and sons in 1898. This boiler is called Angela.

Unlike many other gins, Martin Miller’s is distilled without infusing the botanicals into trays, if not directly into the alcohol for one night.

Another unique feature is the water used. Martin Miller believed that the key to achieving a premium gin of excellent quality was the use of water of extreme purity.

Therefore, the water used in the mixture comes from an Icelandic glacier. Using glacial water is a 10-day trip to Martin Miller’s gin, starting from Immingham, on the east coast of England, crosses the waters of the North Atlantic and finally docks in Borganes, a town on a peninsula on the west coast of the Republic of Iceland.

These are its botanical ingredients:

  • Enebro, cassia bark, liquorice, coriander, angelica, iris florence, cinnamon, cucumber, lime and lemon.

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The bottle

Visually the drink is contained in a sober and slender glass bottle with a very elongated bottleneck. It has smooth, flat sides.

A map engraved on the glass or label with the route to the Icelandic glacier where they extract water appears on the label or bottle depending on the Martin Millers variant.

Tasting notes

In view it is very transparent and very pure in appearance.

On the nose it evokes sweet and spicy notes, soft finish to lemon skin.

On the palate it is very balanced, marked citrus and lavender flavor.

The finish is long and very pleasant appearing sweet fruity notes.

bottle of martin millers
Proud of your search for water on the glacier.

How to take Martin Miller’s gin

The ideal way to enjoy this drink is through a good Gin Tonic since the gin opens generously with the entrance of the tonic showing us delicious notes of citrus, lavender flowers, perfume.

Gin Tonic by Martin Miller’s

INGREDIENTS: Tonic Fever Tree
ALCOHOL: Martin Millers Westbourne
DRESSING: 1 slice of apple and cinnamon in rama


We will use as a container a ball cup of fine glass and wide mouth that will help in the presentation of gin tonic.

Then pour 3 or 4 ice cubes into the glass to get started. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water. We remember that abundant ice is one of the secrets to making a good combination of gin.

In this Gin Tonic we will use two fundamental ingredients, on the one hand a slice of apple and on the other the cinnamon.

It’s time to add 3 or 4 cl of gin according to our tastes.

Finally, pour slowly through a braided rod resting in the center of the cup, the tonic which of course must be very cold. Finally remove gently and let it rest for a minute. We’ve got it ready! We can taste a perfect gin and tonic with this distillate.

Martin Miller’s Gin Reviews

Martin Miller’s is one of the recognized and reputable brands within English gins. It is halfway between gins with the classic predominant flavor of enebro and other more citrus brands. It is therefore a good choice for those who like both types of gins.

In short it is a gin that transmits exclusivity despite its good market price that hovers around 24 euros.

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