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A minibar or mini fridge is a small fridge, a small refrigerator appliance also known as a minibar where we store all kinds of drinks such as gin, whiskey, water and even some snacks. Although they have always been associated with hotel rooms, nowadays it is increasingly common to have them at home or at work.


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Each minibar has a different style and features depending on whether it is a model or another such as size and weight, the material with which they are made, the storage capacity or its aesthetic shape. Below we analyze and compare the best mini fridges.

Comparison of the best mini fridges and minibar on the market:

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Best fridge tables

A very practical solution when you organize a party at home or have a visit from friends and family is to buy a fridge table. With these tables that you can place in the garden or any other part of your house, you avoid having to go continuously for ice and you will have all the drinks together and cold.

In addition, having a fridge table gives a glamorous and sophisticated touch. It is also a good idea to give away due to the economic prices and variety of models on the market.

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Types and models of minibar fridges

There are currently a wide variety of small refrigerator models in which the material used, storage capacity and style vary. We show you the best-selling and popular guys.

Minibar by absorption

These models cool down with gas through a coil that they have installed. Thanks to this type of cooling these refrigerators are very quiet and require little maintenance. Perhaps their energy consumption is somewhat higher than other types. They’re still very practical.

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Thermoelectric fridges

They work through fans that regulate heat and cold. These minibars are usually cheaper and low in noise. Its energy consumption is medium or Class C. They are highly recommended for the home.

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Minibar with compressor

This type has an engine that produces the cooling of the load and that is why they can cool down more. They are also usually larger or with higher storage capacity. These mini fridges require little maintenance and their power consumption is low class A+. It is against a higher noise than others and tends to have a higher price. They are ideal for professional use.

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Shopping guide to the best mini fridges and minibar

Here’s a complete a minibar or mini fridge shopping guide, whether it’s to give you wine bar features or any other. To choose the best model we must ask ourselves a series of questions such as:

What use am I going to give him? Is it for home or for my business? Where do I want to place it? What storage capacity do I need? Do I want your consumption to be minimal?

Once we have answers to these questions it will not be easier to filter the information we need, this is:

  1. Types of minibar
  2. What features do they have?
  3. What is its design
  4. Maintenance
  5. Energy Consumption
  6. Prices
Minibar inside a piece of furniture

Why I buy a minibar fridge?

Whether you own a business dedicated to renting homes or rooms or have rooms that you usually lease to students or workers, buying a minibar fridge becomes essential.

With one of them installed you will get your customers to feel more comfortable, make better reviews about your business or even allow you to raise the price of services.

It is also very practical if you want to use it for domestic use as you can have a small refrigerator anywhere in the house, on the patio, by the pool or in any room. You may also want to install a wine bar or even a bottle at home. Check out our page for reviews of the best models:

In addition, it can give our home a sophisticated and modern touch since the aesthetics of these appliances are very well maintained.