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Mombasa gin

Mombasa gin

Mombasa is a premium gin inspired by the British colonies established in the African city with that name in the late nineteenth century.

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Mombasa was a very important strategic point for trade routes between the west and the east. The great British empire was based there and in 1885 I created Mombasa’s mythical club for the meeting and enjoyment of British officers.

This is a classic London dry gin obtained by traditional distillation, which uses neutral alcohol distilled in a quadruple game.

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Features of Mombasa Gin

Mombasa gin is a premium drink that uses an old recipe from the late 19th century. A four-time distilled grain base alcohol is used as a base accompanied by a rich assortment of botanicals.

Below you will know the main ingredients of this English gin, some are botanical and medicinal herbs that make this gin unique.

Here are its ingredients:

  • Enebro, lemon, orange, coriander, cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon (cassia), liquorice, nutmeg, cloves, cumin and angelica root.

The bottle

Mombasa gin is bottled in a particular format that make it unique. A dark 70cl bottle with a peculiar side handle in the way of ancient medicinal boats. It is topped by a cork instead of the conventional stopper

mombasa gin
Mombasa Club was the first official private club

Tasting notes

Mombasa stands out for its marked floral aroma of blueberries, blackberries and citrus with a light spicy base.

Visually we find a clear and colorless liquid.

On the nose it presents us with a delicate and harmonious mixture of its main spices such as liquorice and cloves sweetened with the nuance of alcohol.

On the palate it surprises us with a gentle alcoholic itching. Notes of liquorice, soft cinnamon, bay leaf and orange are integrated. Balanced and harmonious with sweet tones.

The finish is bitter and long.

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Drinking Mombasa gin

We are talking about a gin that combines classic nuances of wine, citrus and spices so it combines very well with a tonic with an intense bitter touch and some citrus such as grapefruit.

Below we propose a recipe of Gintonic from Mombasa that will make you enjoy and transport you to the colonial British Empire.

How to make a gin and tonic


  • 1 twist lemon
  • 1 liquorice stick.
  • 20 cl. Schweppes Ginger and Cardamom tonic.
  • 4-5 cl gin
  • Ice

ALCOHOL: Mombasa Gin

FORMAT: Wide-mouthed ball cup


First we will fill the cup with ice and remove with the help of the teaspoon. Then remove the excess water.

Secondly we deposit the lemon twist and liquorice stick inside the combination.

Next, we will serve the gin from above to oxygenate the mixture and with the help of a teaspoon as a slide, we let the tonic slowly slip into the cup. In this way we prevent the bubble from breaking and keep the carbonic at its point.

Finally, remove gently with the help of the spoon so that they are mixed and put together the botanicals. Let a minute rest and you’re done! Click here for the usual mistakes when preparing a gin and tonic.

Mombasa Reviews and Analysis

Mombasa is a premium gin of quality, with a classic recipe of botanics but with citrus to orange nuances and soft species. The four distillations are noticed giving it that special point that they highlight it from other brands of gins.

It has a fairly good value for money with a graduation of 40% alcohol.

It is definitely one of the best premium English gins that every gin and tonic fan should have in their minibar. Do you dare try it?

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