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Nordés gin

Nordés gin

The history of Nordés gin began with a meeting of friends: a prestigious sommelier, a Galician wine entrepreneur and a master distiller, devised the dream of making a Galician gin, with ingredients from their land, that was different from the other brands of gin.

They did not cease their efforts by trying different formulas until they found a perfect combination that gave rise to a great Galician premium gin with all the flavor of the sea and mountain of Galicia.

It is a very refined gin made in Spain. Let’s look at your analysis and opinions.

Features of the Geneva Nordés

Its aroma is very characteristic and differential which gives it a strong and unique personality, but there is much more that you should know about this Spanish gin.

It is a floral and herbal gin. Its aromatation the difference of classic gins with very marked enebro but at the same time makes it unique.

While the formula of botanists used in Nordés gin is not fully known, we can distinguish a wide variety

Here are its ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus, Grass, Laurel, Caralleira grass, Toxo, Salicornia (marine plant), Liquorice, Quinine, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Juniper Hibiscus, Cardamom and Tea.

The bottle

Visually it is simple but not without beauty. Its characteristic white bottle is inspired by Galician handcrafted ceramics, which is distinguished by the use of white and blue colors.

In addition, in the bottle we can distinguish several elements, such as the world map that places the Galician origin of Nordés and the rose of the winds, an icon of the Atlantic character and the relationship with the wind typical of that land.

Nordés Ginebra, 70cl
  • Nordés es una ginebra gallega qué, como el viento que inspira su nombre, viene a refrescar el mundo de las ginebras Premium
  • Su característico sabor combina matices afrutados con ligeros toques balsámicos
  • Uno de los secretos de Nordés reside en la uva Albariño, corazón y alma de su destilado
  • Su receta única, utiliza además 11 botánicos naturales , 6 de ellos gallegos, que le otorgan su carácter fresco y equilibrado
  • Se recomienda tomar Nordés en gin tonic, con tónica neutra y decorado con una brocheta de uva blanca para resaltar los aromas propios de la ginebra
Ginebra Nordes Edicion Camino de Santiago de 70 cl - D.O. Galicia - Bodegas Osborne (Pack de 1 botella)
  • Ginebra con D.O. Galicia, tratada y envasada por Osborne
  • Graduacion alcoholica de 40%
  • Es transparente. Con aroma a fruta blanca, menta, eucalipto, laurel y enebro. En boca, notas frescas y frutales con recuerdos a laurel y enebro
  • Tomar junto a tonica neutra
  • Pack de 1 botella
Pack Regalo Ginebra Nordés
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  • 1x Cañitas comestibles de 5 sabores (12u), 1x Pack Cítricos 16u - Naranja & Lima, 1x Viruta decorativa y protectora, 1x Nordés Gin 70 40º, 1x Caja Regalo Kit Gin Tonic, 1x Palomitas Lima Pop It.

Tasting notes

Nordés is a drink that completely demarcates from the classic aroma and flavor of traditional gins. Its herbal and floral notes stand out mainly, with a really expressive character. In short, it has a very own aromatic profile and different from the others.

On the nose it is scented where notes of sage, laurel, hyebaluisa and eucalyptus emerge. Between them they create a very original perfume.

On the palate it is even more expressive. Floral and herbal notes appear progressively. In addition to hints of white fruit and light sweet spicy tips.

The finish leaves on the palate a pleasant mixture of floral flavors albeit with a balsamic point.

gin nordes
All the Galician flavor into a bottle

Drinking Nordés Gin

When we read the ingredients of this gin we know that we come across a different liqueur.

However, despite the complexity of its botanicals, it is ideal for those looking for the flavor of a classic gin that can be enjoyed with simple ice company or tonic. With Nordes we can prepare an excellent classic gin and tonic, where the flavor of gin is not camouflaged by the presence of citrus. We recommend a quality tonic because this spirit drink certainly deserves it.

Gin Tonic by Nordés

INGREDIENTS: Thomas Henry tonic or Original Classic


DRESSED: Fresh Laurel
and grape

FORMAT: Classic wide glass cup


To vert fat, hard ice cubes until you fill the glass to begin with. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water.

Next we take a fresh bay leaf that we squeeze slightly so that it opens and releases all its essences. Add two grapes, one cut into thin slices and one whole to finish completing the combination.

It’s time to add 4 or 5 cl of gin to the combination according to
tastes. Finally, slowly pour the tonic with the help of the braided rod resting in the center of the cup and with a 45 degree angle. The tonic must be very cold. Served in this way intensifies the flavor of gin and botanicals.

Finally we let stand for 30 seconds for the botanists to do their work and we will have already prepared a totally different gin and tonic with a lot of personality.

Reviews and analyses of Gin Nordés

Nordés gin has been made with a reputation among the best premium gins for their quality and bravery. With it we can enjoy some flavors very different from those of the other drinks of this segment but without losing the classic touch of gin. Alcohol content is 40%

For lovers of contemporary gin, you will find an intriguing gin.And this gin… has a Galician soul. Do you dare try it?

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