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Oxley gin

Oxley gin

Oxley gin is one of the most exclusive and expensive gins in the world, according to its creators. They call it “the cold gin” and we’ll see why right away.

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It is a London Dry Gin developed in the Clapham district of London at Thames Distillers.

It was originally conceived as an innovative drink, different from other distillates. This is without the classic distillation method of other brands of gin that used steam and stills to use a unique method: cold at a temperature of 5 degrees below zero. Hence they call it the cold gin.

Below we will show an analysis, reviews and opinions of this English gin.

Oxley Gin Features

The cold distillation process causes this distillate to occur in very little quantity, nevertheless prevailing in quality. Only 240 bottles of OXLEY are produced a day, making it possibly the most exclusive gin in the world.

This Gin emerged in May 2009 after eight years of development and 38 attempts to get the perfect recipe.

The botanicals used in Oxley gin are treated and licked one by one, using fresh hand-peeled citrus fruits. Here are its 14 ingredients:

  • Angelica root, cassia bark, cocoa, coriander seed, paradise beans, fresh grapefruit peel, juniper berries, fresh lemon peel, liquorice root, meadow queen, nutmeg, orange peel, lily root and vanilla pods.
Oxley distillation
Cold distillation process diagram.

The bottle

Visually the drink is presented in a transparent bottle of sober and slender appearance with a capacity of 1 Liter. The lower part of the bottle is metallic and represents the vacuum chamber where the cold distillation takes place. It features a label with the brand name showing its distinctive and special sign: Cold Distilled.

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Tasting notes

On the nose it evokes pronounced citrus and fresh aromas. With hints of children’s cologne, citrus and earthy aromas.

On the palate it is very silky and opens light with notes of fresh citrus and earth. The angelica and iris root stand out, with light hints of flowers and a soft vanilla background.

The end is medium.

Drinking Gin Oxley

It is a distillate that goes very well with starry anise, lemon and lime. Its best version gives it when we take it alone with the previous botanicals and spices since we will appreciate its freshness with all the intensity. Ideal also for classic cocktails such as Dry Martini.

However, being a premium gin of high quality, we can also enjoy it if we add a good premium tonic.

Best Tonic for Oxley Gin

To make a perfect Gin Tonic with Oxley gin, you can combine it with the following premium tonics: Original, Indi, Fever Tree and Q Tonic.

Gin Tonic de Oxley

INGREDIENTS: Original Tonic 20cl


DRESSED Gin: 2 star anise berries and Lemon Twist.

FORMAT: Ball Cup


We will use as a container a wide glass ball cup that will help in the presentation of gin tonic.

Then pour 3 or 4 ice cubes into the glass to get started. Cool the glass by moving the ice in circles with the help of the braided spoon and then remove the excess water. We remember that abundant ice is one of the secrets to making a good combination of gin.

It’s time to throw out the chosen botanists. In this case the 2 star anise berries and lemon bark. To keep the tonic bubbles from being lost, never add the juice or pulp, as they disappear when the citric acid is joined with the carbon dioxide.

It’s time to add 5 or 6 cl of gin to the combination (one shot or shot and a half)

Finally, slowly pour the Origins tonic using a braided rod resting in the center of the cup and tilted 45o, which of course must be too cold to highlight the botanicals and gin. Finally remove gently and let it rest for half a minute. We’ve got it ready!

Opinions and analysis of Oxley gin

Oxley’s proposal makes it perhaps the most exclusive gin in the world. However, it stands out for its elegance and softness and freshness being palpable to the palate the care with which they have treated their botanicals. Its alcohol content is 47% and has a purchase price of about 35 euros on the market.

This is a different and unique brand in the world. It is to be admired its innovation and the way in which it has applied current technology to the traditional methods of other brands.

In short one of the best premium gins actually. That’s why you already deserve a place in our minibar, don’t you think?

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