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Roku gin

Roku gin

Roku is the best Japanese gin in the world today. What makes this gin unique is its Japanese character since all the botanical ingredients with which it is made are from this land. It is produced by the suntory house (brewery and distillery founded in 1899).

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Suntory’s intention was to “create an original Japanese liquor that everyone could enjoy, made only with the natural products of Japan and by its people.”

Roku means in the Japanese language “six”, number of its ingredients.

It is made in Japan and we will see below its analysis and opinions.

Roku Gin Features

Roku is a very fine and elegant gin that mixes citrus, herbal nuances and spicy nuances with a spicy touch at the end that provides Sansho pepper. The six genuine aromas of Japan are added to the classic ingredients of gin.

Botanists are collected from the earth following the ‘shun’ philosophy, that is, in the most optimal season of the year for each of them. This ensures the highest quality of them. Below you will know the main ingredients of this premium Japanese gin.

These are its main botanicals:

  • Sakura flower, yuzu peel, Sansho pepper, Sakura leaf, Sencha tea and Gyokuro tea.

The bottle

The bottle already represents in itself a work of art if we take care of the details accurately. It is very elegant, and of no, it is hexagonal, with reliefs representing the fruit of the sacred Sakura tree.Number six in Kanji is printed on the bottle label on a traditional paper called washi made from plants from Japanese soil. As we say, a pleasure for sight and touch.

gin roku
Six-sided bottle for six ingredients. The power of number 6

Tasting notes

The taste of Roku is very elegant and refined. However, this does not detract from complexity. Soon its oriental essence is discovered.

Visually it is a transparent and bright liquid.

On the nose it is delicate and frank with notes of citrus oranges of yuzu, enebro and a pleasant mixture of herbal notes such as cherry blossom and lemon tree.

On the palate it is fresh where citrus notes such as orange and yuzu emerge, spicy such as cilandro and pepper and floral notes.

The finish is medium with hints of citrus and spices.

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Drinking Roku gin

Since it is a 100% Japanese drink, refined and elegant, why not make its consumption a true oriental experience?

Try serving it In Japanese style, minimalist and taking care of the details, accompanied by ginger sticks, perfect to reinforce the high and citrus notes of yuzu.

roku gin and tonic
Enjoy this gin in the traditional Japanese way

Below we propose a recipe of Roku gin classic recommended by the brand itself that will make you enjoy this magnificent distillate.

How to make a Roku gin and ton


  • fine, elongated canes of fresh ginger
  • Tonica 1724
  • 3-4 cl gin
  • Ice


FORMAT: Tall and wide cup


First we will fill the cup with ice and remove with the help of the teaspoon. Then remove the excess water.

Secondly, we will serve the gin from above to oxygenate the mixture.

Thirdly, add the ginger canes to the glass, letting them rest for a few seconds so that the ice absorbs the aroma.

Then, with the help of a slide-like spoon, we let the tonic slowly slip into the cup. In this way we prevent the bubble from breaking and keep the carbonic at its point.

Finally, we let it rest for 30 seconds so that the ingredients start to fuse properly and… to enjoy! You already have a Japanese gin tonic.

Roku reviews and analysis

The moment you open the box and take the bottle, you realize you have something special in your hands. He’s got a 44% alcohol graduation.

Roku is a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and philosophy in both the taste and minimal details of the whole set. Serve it with delicacy and elegance and you will create a special atmosphere.

Without a doubt a great premium gin, fine and elegant but with a unique personality. Do you dare try it?

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