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Siderit gin

Siderit gin

Siderit is a premium gin made in northern Spain, specifically in Cantabria. In 2015 Siderit became the best gin and tonic in the world in the prestigious IWSC (International wine & Spirits competition).

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It is distilled from rye alcohol. Among its botanicals is Syderitis Hissopifolia or rock tea, endemic to the peaks of Europe that gives the name to this brand of gin and that makes this premium a unique and incomparable product

Let’s look at the analysis and characteristics of this Spanish gin.

Siderit’s bottle

The bottle is simplistic but elegant in appearance. Round and wide at its base it presents clear glass with a wide and vintage label with the main botanical.

Features and analysis of Siderit gin

BOTANICS  Jamaican flower, rock tea, raw marcona almond, tangerine bark, pink pepper, enebro, coriander, port tea, cardamom, angelica root, cinnamon, bitter orange bark, and lily root.



PRICE 27o approx.


Distilled from rye alcohol, its production process is carried out by maceration of the above ingredients and two distillations in a fractional distillation column with reflux. Subsequently, the excess flavors and smells are removed through glass stills.

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award-winning siderit
Siderit became the best gin and tonic in the world at IWSC

Siderit Gin Tasting Note

TO THE NOSE Presence of citrus aromas such as tangerine, spices and the freshness of port tea.

TO THE MOUTH The perfect harmony between alcohol and botanists is distinguished. It is sumptuous, dry and with a sweet touch.

THE END  It is long, pleasant and with various floral notes.

Siderit Gin Reviews

Siderit is a premium Spanish gin brand of high quality. It is a craft drink and the use of rock tea as the main ingredient gives it that touch of differentiation from other gins.

Marketed in more than 30 countries, it is an ideal gin to share with friends or even to enjoy alone a distillate that transports us to the Picos de Europa. Do you dare try it?

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