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Tanqueray gin

Tanqueray is a British brand of gin of English origin and manufactured in Scotland. It was distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in london’s Bloomsbury district. After experimenting for years with different ingredients, he finally came up with a formula that tinged it towards enormous popularity.

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It is made in Scotland and we will see below its analysis and opinions.

Features of the Geneva Tanqueray

Tanqueray Gin is a London Dry Gin made from double distilled grain alcohol. Even today its recipe is secret, but enebro and lemon stand out as the main representatives of the botanical elements it incorporates. Below you will know the main ingredients of this English gin.

In the second distillation are added four botanicals that are the predominant and the only ones that are known from its secret formula. Here are its 4 ingredients:

  • Camomile, angelica root, coriander, and enebro

The bottle

As for the design of the bottle there are different versions about what its shape represents: a pineapple symbol of exclusive product at the time, a London fire hydrant or a shaker (the latter seems the most accepted).

The bottle carries a red seal representing the seal of quality that its creator Charles Tanqueray printed when he personally reviewed the quality control of each of the bottles.

Tasting notes

Tanqueray has a clear essence of fresh wine and sweet alcohol that makes it very pleasant on the palate and nose. The citrus fruits used to give this touch of distinction are coriander along with earthy and woody sweet notes.

Upon entering the mouth, it has a frank and fresh attack ending with a medium finish, elegant and fresh.

tanqueray gin
Tanqueray bottle feature

Drinking Tanqueray gin

We talk about an ideal gin always to combine without complications, such as the classic Gin Tonic or the Gin Fizz cocktail. We will therefore look for classic solutions with the presence of sweet spice green citrus to find the perfect balance.

Below we propose a gintonic recipe with Tanqueray Rangpur, one of the premium varieties of the brand.

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How to prepare a gin tonic


  • A long stick
  • Lemon
  • Kumquat
  • Lima
  • 2 measures dried gin
  • Ice
  • Lime strips to decorate

ALCOHOL: Gin Tanqueray Rangpur

FORMAT: Thin Glass Ball Cup


First we will fill the shaker with ice and remove with the help of the teaspoon. Then remove the excess water.

Secondly we cut a strip of lemon peel and two of lime as thin as possible. We take one of the lime beans and pass it over the edge of the glass, impregnating the glass of its aroma, we deposit the skin inside the combination.
Next, we nail to the chopstick two pieces of kumquat and the leftover lemon and lime monda and the skewer we have created we deposit it inside the glass.

Finally we will pour the gin and with the help of a spoon as a slide, we let the tonic slowly slip into the glass. This way we keep the carbonic at its point.

Tanqueray reviews and analysis

Tanqueray is a classic cutting gin that we can consume in any establishment for a really affordable price. He’s got a 40% alcohol graduation.

It is definitely a cult gin and should be a must-have tasting for everyone in love with this type of drink. Not for nothing is it one of the best-selling gins in the world.

Today Tanqueray is part of the family of the most exclusive Premium gins with products such as Tanqueray Malacca, Tanqueary Rangpur and Tanqueray Ten, three gins of extraordinary quality. Do you dare try it?

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