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Wine bars

wine bar

Are you looking to buy a wine bar or a wine rack at home? There are many models with different features and styles. Here we will show you some of the best wine bars or refrigerators for wines and bottles as well as abundant information so you know which one to choose according to your tastes and needs.


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Each wine bar has a number of features that we must take into account to choose the one that best suits our needs. These characteristics can be capacity, power, materials or simply their aesthetics. Below we analyze and compare some of them.

Comparison of the best wine bars on the market:

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Best wine bar brands

The Cecotec wine bar brand is one of the best Spanish brands and they are manufactured in Valencia. They are mainly dedicated to electric refrigerators and are mainly intended for domestic and home use. They are high quality appliances and have very good reviews.

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The orbegozo wine bar brand is very popular and is also of Spanish origin. They are dedicated to both electric and compressor refrigerators and therefore have perfect models both to have it in our house and for professional use in bars, restaurants and gourmet.

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Tristar is another industry-leading home appliance brand that offers very competitive prices without detracting from product quality.

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There are other wine bar brands such as H.Koenig, Taurus or Klarstein each with their own features and styles that complete the wide range of wine fridges available on the market.

Types and models wine bar

There are mainly two types of wine bar on the market: electric and compressor.

Electric wine bars

The electric wine bar or electric wine cellar is perhaps the best option if we want to use it to have our own winery at home. It works with electricity and we can adjust the temperature to keep the wine at the optimum temperature we want.

With the electric wine bars we can have the wine at home at the exact temperature desired to taste it whenever we want.

The ability to cool of this type is limited so it is ideal for red wine and some whites.

These wine bars whose main function are intended for domestic use are small in size to be placed in any corner of the house with a plug. They are also usually the most economical. They can store approximately 8 to 24 bottles.

In short, it is a perfect choice for those who want to have at home a small reserve of good wines ready to taste at any time.

Finally, highlight its function as a decorative element and is that a wine bar will always give our home a different touch.

Wine bars with compressor

Wine bars or wine coolers with compressors have a higher cooling power than electric ones. This is your main difference.

They are also usually of greater capacity as they can house different temperature zones to preserve the different types of wine, whether red, white, rosé or wines with special treatment due to their quality or particular conditions.

These wine fridges are best suited for catering professionals.

Wooden or metal wine bars

They are distinguished from the others because they do not need electricity and the bottles are kept at the ambient temperature of the room where they are located, be it an attic, basement, cellar or the same living room.

They usually fulfill an important decorative function and we can find them in many shapes, styles and materials.

Small, medium and large wine bars

Another classification we can do is by size and capacity. That is, the ability to store bottles they have.

  • Small: capacity between 6 and 24 bottles.
  • Medium: capacity between 24 and 50 bottles.
  • Large: capacity of more than 50 bottles.

How to choose the best wine bar: Shopping guide

Below is a small wine bar purchase guide. To choose the best one we must ask ourselves a series of questions such as:

What use am I going to give him? Is it for home or for my business? Where do I want to place it? What capacity in terms of stored bottles do I need?

Once we have answers to these questions it will not be easier to filter the information we need, this is:

  1. Types of wine bars according to their operation
  2. What features do they have?
  3. What is its design
  4. Maintaining the wine bar
  5. Prices
Wine bar at home

Why buy a wine bar?

One of the most practical objects by lovers of good wine are the wine racks, wine bars, cavas or wine cellars that are basically special refrigerators to store wines at home or in our catering business.

It allows us to have a small winery at home where we can store our wines always keeping them at an optimal temperature. Thanks to the wine bar we will not only be able to keep the wine in ideal conditions but we can always serve it at its temperature.

In addition, they are sophisticated decorative elements and a very careful aesthetic perfect for any corner of the house.

Finally, it is small appliances that are easy to transport. In short, an indispensable accessory for wine lovers. You may also want to buy a cocktail set or even a bottle rack. Check out our page for reviews of the best models: