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Wine Racks

Wine Racks

You want to buy a bottle or wine bar to store your wines and bottles at home or in your business. Currently there is a wide variety of models on the market. On this website we will show you some of the best botellers on the market


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Each bottle has a different style and characteristics for each model such as size and weight, the material with which they are made, the storage capacity of bottles and even their aesthetic style. Below we analyze and compare some of them.

Comparison of the best bottle racks on the market:

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Types and models of bottle racks

There are currently a wide variety of bottle models in which the material used, storage capacity and style vary. We show you the best-selling and popular types of bottle racks.

Wall bottlers

Wall bottles are usually larger for storing a large number of bottles. They are usually used for rooms converted to wineries or for professional use in restaurants or bars.

However, there are an increasing number of wall models with capacity for a few bottles and where aesthetics predominate first and foremost.

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Wooden bottle racks

The wooden bottle racks are ideal to give a classic touch of decoration to our stay. They are lifelong bottlers and are usually made of pine, walnut or oak wood. They have the advantage of being very durable and needing very little maintenance.

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Rustic bottle racks

They are ideal for both cottages and dining options such as still lifes and mesons. They are made of rustic wood and are very durable. There are aesthetically beautiful models.

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Stainless steel or metal bottle racks

Metal bottle racks have a fundamental advantage over other types and are resistant to ambient temperature and humidity conditions as well as their ease of cleaning and maintenance.

They are usually of modern and practical aesthetics, ideal especially for hospitality and catering businesses as well as modernist homes and houses.

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Refrigerated models or wine fridge

They work with electricity or by compressor and we can adjust the temperature to keep the wine at the optimum temperature we want.

With these wine fridges we can have the wine at home at the exact temperature desired to taste it whenever we want. They are ideal for both home and bars, restaurants and hospitality professionals. Click to see all models: Wine bars or wine fridges

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How to choose the best model: Buying guide

Here’s a complete guide to buying a bottle. To choose the best model we must ask ourselves a series of questions such as:

What use am I going to give him? Is it for home or for my business? Where do I want to place it? What capacity in terms of stored bottles do I need?

Once we have answers to these questions it will not be easier to filter the information we need, this is:

  1. Types of bottlers
  2. What features do they have?
  3. What is its design
  4. Maintenance
  5. Prices
Wall bottle

Why buy a bottle rack?

One of the most practical objects by lovers of good wine are bottlemakers or wine cellars.

It allows us to have a small winery at home for an economical price where we can store our wines in addition to providing our home with a sophisticated and modern touch. They are practical and decorative elements that you can install in any corner of your house.

You can’t miss one of these accessories in a home where there’s a wine lover. You may also want to install a wine bar or a minibar fridge. Check out our page for reviews of the best models.