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Xoriguer gin

xoriguer gin

Xoriquer gin is made in Spain, specifically on the island of Menorca. Its botanicals are: Select juniper berries from the mountains of neighboring Mediterranean lands, and other aromatic herbs. Precisely these ultimate aromatic herbs constitute the jealously kept “secret” of their original bouquet.

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Only the heirs of the house know the identity and proportion of such a valuable attachment, which they enter behind closed doors and without witnesses at the start of each cooking. Let’s look at the history of this Spanish gin.

History of this Spanish gin

Originally from Menorca, an island that was occupied by the English after the treaty of Utrecht, and which they would keep for almost the entire eighteenth century. This was a major influx of soldiers and sailors to guard this island, strategic for the British Crown, given its influential situation in the western Mediterranean.

It is during this period, and due to the high demand for gin by the English occupiers, that new gins produced by small local producers begin to appear quickly. To this end, Mahonese producers imported eenebro and distilled gin from the Mediterranean’s own vitamin alcohol.

Gin soon becomes a successful drink in Menorca, creating a link that still lasts in our day. It is already entering the twentieth century, when Miguel Pons Justo, creates the Xoriguer gin. The name is due to the family mill, used for generations of the Pons family.

The bottle of Xoriguer

In its bottle you can appreciate the family mill, as well as its characteristic handle, brand identity sign and distinctive that gives it a homemade and vintage look that is to be appreciated in the face of so much glamour in which other gin brands are settling.

Characteristics and analysis of Xoriguer gin

BOTANICS Select juniper berries from the mountains of neighboring Mediterranean lands, and other aromatic herbs.




Made of copper stills. The steam generated by the still boiler causes the steam to circulate, which infuses the botanicals, and then condenses into a coil. It is stored in oak barrels.

xoriguer destileria
Xoriguer in Menorca

Respect for tradition is such that the fuel still used today for distillation is firewood.

Distillation begins when vapours produced in the still boiler circulate through copper tubes to a coil where it condenses into the precious liquid dripping into jugs. An expert will process the liquid at intervals to determine when to terminate the distillation.

Finished Gin, it is stored in large oak barrels where it preserves unchanged its properties of color, flavor and aroma, to proceed next to its packaging.

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Xoriguer Gin Tasting Note

IN SIGHT Dense body with an eenbro aroma.

TO THE NARIZ Soft to reebro finish. Very easily recognizable by its aromatic character.

TO THE BOCA Spicy on the palate, hints of liquorice and enebro.

Opinions of Xoriguer gin

Xoriguer in addition to being a Spanish brand of gin we can say that it is a quality distillate that although it is not considered as premium gin is a liquor that can not be missing at home if you like this type of drink.

Its herbaceous flavor makes it more suitable for mixing with lemon than with Tonic. Try drinking it with Spirit Lemon Sweppes and combine it with lemon zest and a sprig of cinnamon. You’ll see what we’re talking about. Do you dare try it?

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